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Strawberry Banana Smoothie

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Yesterday it was 75°F here, today it's 35°F

Seen the strawberry pie thread the other day and that left me with no choice but to consume some strawberries in some form.

Smoothie it is! 


Stuff I threw in the blender using the "eyeballing" technique


Not too bad


Now I gotta turn up the thermostat, lol

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Boy that looks good
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Good looking smoothie Joe!


Sounds real good to me right now, going to be in the mid 80's here today.



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Thanks guys!


Sitting here a bit bummed out.

Was going to smoke (first of the year) two racks of ribs and a fatty tomorrow.

All week the forecast showed decent weather around 70°. I just looked at my phone and now they're calling for 60% chance of rain. Figures! 


Looks like I may have to improvise! lol



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LOL.... within one half hour, if that, the forecast went from 60% to 25% chance of rain! wtf1.gif these people having liquid lunch today?

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