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Beef and Buffalo (Bison) Tri tip

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Hi everyone, got a quick question about beef vs buffalo when it comes to a Tri tip. I have a 3.5 lbs beef Tri tip and a 2.5 lbs buffalo Tri tip. My plan is to get the smoker up to 230 and smoke them both with a mix of hickory and apple.

Since this is my first time doing a Tri tip everything I have read suggests it should be medium rare within two hours ( makes sense as 1 hour /pound ish)

So I guess my question is does buffalo roughly cook at the same rate as beef?

Should I put it on a bit later than the beef?

Glamour shot of them marinating

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Since the buffalo tri tip is smaller, I'm sure it will cook a little faster.



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waiting for qview!drool.gif and what Al said!
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Pulled them both at 145 IT and reverse seared them on my infrared burner... The buffalo tasted amazing! The beef was a bit dry, I guess I should have pulled it earlier. I need to convince my wife medium rare is better than medium.

Beef is on the left and buffalo is on the right
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Looks great CoryWW!

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Next time make some aujus and cook her's in that till its done more! biggrin.gif
I'd like to get some buffalo Tri tip sometime!
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