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Turkey time

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I know to smoke to 165 buy how long do you guys figure for a #12 bird warming up a ham too. Just trying to get ballpark time to start.
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Well I wanna know which is larger? The turkey or the ham?


It would be nice to know what box temp you are planning to run, and what type of smoker to further determine the answer to your question.

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Bird bigger than ham. Pit usually settles in around 250 or so. It's a reverse flow stick burner.
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I would say the whole bird would have a cook time of 6 hours. I think I would check IT at 3 hours to determine how long it will cook.


Are you going to leave the bird whole or spatch-cock. I have become a fan of spatch-cocking poultry to cut down on cook times, but they seem to come out juicier.

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Bird staying whole
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At an average of 250°F I figure 25 minutes per pound as a guideline for Poultry...JJ

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Got r goin
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Looks good so far!



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That's looking like a good start



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You Gota love it cause man it's work.
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