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Cranky's loin hams on the Pit Barrel.

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Tried @CrankyBuzzard's recipe for loin hams and loved it thin sliced for sandwiches. The supply was running low so I decided to cure a couple pieces of pork loin I had in the freezer. Since loin is pretty lean, I experimented with leaving the whole fat cap on. Last time I trimmed most of it.

Took it out of the brine after 17 days, rinsed and dried and let it sit uncovered in the fridge overnight. Here they are hooked and ready for the PBC

No pictures of them hanging because it was dark. Probably cooked around 225 as the PBC was at the end of its burn. I had just smoked a prime rib on it and thought, why wait until tomorrow to use the electric when I have perfectly good coals that are going to burn for another 4 hours or so. Tossed in a couple of hickory chunks when I hung them.

Here they are off the PBC:

And some sliced pics:

I let one of the loins get away from me a bit as far as IT. Probably got up to 155 instead of the target, 145 but thin sliced they are super tender anyways. The taste was great and I think I liked it over charcoal much better than in the MES.

Well thanks for looking and thanks Cranky for the idea and recipe. Still jealous of those cool nets though haha.

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Hey Chris those look awesome!


Is there a difference between Canadian bacon & loin ham?


Just wondering.


Anyhow points for some good looking meat!



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Thanks for the points Al! Cranky just called it ham because he didn't run it with anything prior to smoking. Usually for bacon he would add some kind of rub. For bacon I usually add cracked black pepper, garlic, and onion.
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Nice hams!



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