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Pulled Pork Lives On

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What a wonderful thing Smoked Pulled Pork is. It's not hard to achieve the best pulled pork you've ever consumed by making it yourself. I raise my glass to SMF and the SMF community for taking up hours of my day roaming over the great posts of infinite wisdom and trials in the world of smoking meat.


Down to the good stuff (Q-View). You have to keep your freezer full and when a deal breaks out, you can't pass it up so I bought some butts/shoulders ($.98/lb) and have been enjoying the decision since.


The recipes and techniques for PP are embedded in this site forever but I did take my butt to 210°+ and let it run cold (foiled) in the smoker throughout the morning. It was a little dryer then normal (not chewy dry) but with some extra finishing sauce, it was the best pulled pork I've done and it became the most versatile PP to use in other recipes. Majority of the fat rendered through the meat and the final product was a lean, super tender meat with a great crust.


Hickory smoked at 230° for 11 hours (MES 40), foiled with an IPA for 4 hours (same heat) and powered off / cooled down for a few hours in the a.m. 10.2 lb butt.


Homemade pizza's, burritos, nachos, sandies, etc..


I also used the leftover smoking pellets from Todd to smoke some mozz while the smoker cooled off and made some amazing pizza from it.


Here's some Q.






Lemon basil smoked mozz pizza.. sounds weird but it's amazing.




garlic truffle smoked mozz pizza with basil. homemade crust of course @ 7,000ft elevation (finally getting it good)




PP, smoked mozz, red onions, fresh mozz, green olives, home ranch, pepperchinies - pizza roll





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Looks great!
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dude all that stuff looks amazing, great job. If you haven't tried it yet smoked PP makes the best tacos and enchiladas, they're my go to for leftovers. Great smoke! Points!

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Man, that looks like good stuff to me.



Keep on smokin'                   Ed

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Everything looks absolutely delicious!!





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That all looks good. The pizza roll especially look amazing.

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