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Smokin' Materials

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Here's my dilemma, I have a lot of wood to use for smoking on my property, (hickory, oak, maple, apple, peach, redbud, persimmon and wild cherry) I can make sawdust or chunks but not chips. I'm using a Camp Chef 18" smoker and when I use chips (store bought) they don't last very long, Do you think chunks would work in the chip pan on a low heat? Also was wondering about a 6x6 Amazin-smoker, can I use my saw dust in them? Do they need fire under them or is it supposed to burn on it's own? What do you do to get long lasting smoke?

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Chunks should work fine and last awhile. Dust in the Maze, burns on it's own once lit well...JJ

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I use chunks in my Camp chef, they work fine.



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Thanks Guy's, I'll give the chunks a try. I hated to experiment with meat in the box when I can tap into all the knowledge here on SMF.

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