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I can not believe this deal. I just bought a Masterbuilt 40" with glass (MES) smoker at Academy Sports 9 days ago for 299.99 and thought I got a great deal. I was looking on there and about _______ my pants. This is a supper deal if anyone is thinking about this smoker. Here is the link. 


I would not wait to long. I am not sure if this is a sale or there new price.

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Bumped this just in case someone was looking for one of these. I put this on after midnight last night.

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This is a Christmas Deal price and about as cheap as I have seen this model...JJ

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Great buy!



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Local academy here in tx has it forv249
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Originally Posted by avfordguy View Post

Local academy here in tx has it forv249

DaRicksta last May told us about Amazon's $273.00 including shipping deal.  Two of us ordered here on SMF and his controller was wacky and mine came dented in the back.  Masterbuilt sent me a new one after I cut the cord.

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