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1st time doing Spatchcock chicken.

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Rubbed with evoo and McCormick mesquite dry rub with hickory wood. 275 until the it hit 180. Chicken turned out amazing. So moist and juicy. The wife and kids loved it. Guess I know how I will be doing chickens from now on

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Looking good congrats
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Great looking bird. I do all mine like this now. The results are more even and the cook time is less. Good luck and keep on smokin', Joe
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Great looking chicken!


After I did my first Spatch, I never went back. Much better results.



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Looks fantastic.  I'm doing my first spatch this weekend.

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I agree this is the best method. Kudos.



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Got two in the smoke right now. Along with an 8# ham.
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Think I'm gonna try this tomorrow, bout how long did it take?

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About 2 hours at 275-300* on my smoker. But, they are done when the IT in the breast is 165* and in the thigh is 175*. The time will depend on how hot your smoker is and how well the heats holds even.
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Spot on advice! Just pulled them off and they look good. 2 hours on the money. Thanks!
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Yum!Thumbs Up

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They look really great with awesome color. I'm glad you had good luck with your birds. icon14.gif
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