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thickness steel

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i want to know what thickness you use for yours smoker

My first smoker's project is a 38 gallon :icon_redface: and if it's a good , i make a bigger

what thickness you advise me?? for my smoker


thanks and excuse my poor english

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My smoker is 1/4" thick in the cook chamber and 5/16" in the fire box. 1/4" is a good measure to go for overall.
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Is 3/16 a good enough thickness for the reverse flow plate?
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A 3/16" Reverse Flow plate will work OK. That is usually considered the minimum, with 1/4" being the standard dimension.

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Man I just got a piece for free though, but if I'd be 100% better buying 1/4 I would
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The 1/4 will not be 100% better. Go with the free 3/16.

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I did a 33 gallon reverse flow. There is a thread somewhere around here. I did mine in 3/16th and I ended up having to add another piece. The firebox end got too hot. I did add a 1" space between the rf plate and the additional plate I added. Can you double up on the 3/16?
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I would not recommend doubling up on the 3/16. A fair amount of the cooking heat is radiated up from the RF plate. Going with 3/8 (doubling up the 3/16) will reduce the radiated heat and also take longer for the cooker temp to stabilize. Most RFs have a hot spot near the firebox. The added heat deflector plate is a standard fix for that.

I have one on my smoker with a 1/4" RF plate.

My heat deflector plate is spaced a half inch down from the RF Plate and the top of the FB.

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Yeah, I misspoke. My plates are only 1/8" thick. I just went out and double checked. 3/16 should be fine.
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what is the interest to insulate the firebox?

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Originally Posted by frenchy View Post

what is the interest to insulate the firebox?

Insulating the FB increases the efficiency of the smoker so that you use less fuel during the cook.

Since more of your heat is going into the CC instead of being radiated off of the FB, you can build a smaller fire to maintain cooking temps in the CC. It has the added benefit of keeping the outside of the FB cooler to the touch so that it is safer for kids and pets to be around.

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thanks for your answer


How high I need to set the baffle plate? or  how many inch between the bottom of opening FB and the baffle plate?

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