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First fattie this weekend

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Hi, I'vwe heard about fatties but never tried one, I'm thinking this weekend will be good.  My question is, I see most people use breakfast sausage as the base...I have some really good Italian sausage ground I thought I would use.  My fillings would include provolone, smoked gouda, carmelized onion, spinach, and some rub, of course with a bacon wrap.  Just wondering why breakfast sausage seems to be the base, thanks.

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I think most folks use breakfast sausage just for a familiar flavor, and lots of us probably started with breakfast fatties, as I did. I have used 85/15 or 80/20 ground beef just as often as sausage. Use whatever you like that will please your tastes. Sounds like your filling ingredients would be a perfect match-up. Roll it up and smoke it!!!




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Hey Jeep! I'm not a Fattie veteran, but have read through a lot of threads here:

I think sausage is normally used for its ease of rolling out. Breakfast sausage is just easier to get I suppose, no other reason I've read. If you look at that link there are plenty of fatties without breakfast sausage. Here is one made with flattened chicken!

Good luck! Post some pics!
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Any sausage will work. I prefer breakfast sausage. I have used hot Italian & did not like it as well. I would urge you to experiment & find the right sausage for you & your family. You ingredients sound like a perfect match for the Italian sausage.


Good luck & let us know how it turns out.



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All rolled up, I'm having a heck of a time downloading pics on here, I took 4, it won't let me put the others on here...

Anyway, mild italian sausage, provolone, smoked sharp cheddar, jalapeno, onion, and spinach.  It'll be in the fridge overnight for a smoke tomorrow.  I'll try again to send pics

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maybe someone can tell me why its so hard to put pics here, i know im old but this is well you know


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frustrating to say the least.......i can see em, just cant download em

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Are you still here?


lol.... just missed you. Was going to walk you through it.

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A HA!  not sure how I did that, and they're in the wrong order, I'm just glad they showed up.  I did dust a little of Jeff's rub over the bacon right before it went in the smoker.  I thought it turned out great!  The wife and kids didn't care for the bacon weave parts the were underneath as they did't crisp up at all.  I did pan fry it for a bit (after we all tried a slice) to try and crisp up the bacon some, but it didn't really work good and started to come apart.It took about 3 1/2 hours at 240 degrees to get to 165 internal, 15 minute rest.  I'm looking forward to the next one, I may try a single layer of bacon held with a shish kebab stick, and breakfast sausage, thanks for the ideas!

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Great job! Looks beautiful and if the family enjoys it too, catastrophic success!
Points for trying something new and challenging with great results!
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Looks great from here! Nice job!

Next time it will be even better!


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I'd eat that in a heart-beat!!! Well, let me try to rephrase would only take me a heart-beat to decide that I wanted to eat it...yeah, that...then, I'd sit down and enjoy it. Hope you enjoyed it!!! Don't sweat the bacon-weave not crisping up...with meat behind it that won't just gets a bit more chewy but never really crisps because of all the moisture in the sausage. Anyway, it looked to freekin' good to walk away before the drool factor started to set in on me...:drool


Well done!!! Points for an all-around great looking fatty!!!




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thanks forluv! I am eating it like crazy, had some for breakfast this morning!  THe family is good with my smoking, they sure like it, I just posted some recent pics of some summer sausage and hams I did too!

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Nice looking fatty Jeep!  Points!


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Thanks to all for the points!

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