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Pulled Pork

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Last pulled I did was such a hit my wife's work asked for more.

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Looks like a great start!



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Then to top it off
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Looks tasty!


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If I call myself wifes work will you

send me some?

Looks fine.


Keep on smokin'                          Ed

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Why not lol
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Sauce looks good - whatcha got going on there?
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No wonder they wanted more!

Looks great! 2thumbs.gif

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My dad started the seasoning and sauce almost 50 years ago. After he died, no one took it over but for 10 years I fought my mom on it. We finally came to an agreement and we started making the seasoning again. But she won't let me touch the original sauce. So I perfected off of his have written 5 different new ones. Sweet, tangy, sweet and tangy, spicy and peppery. So far all have been a hit so they stay in the book. I cook for co-workers for feed back to continue to perfect everything. I tried smoking veggies for the vegans at her work but they picked up a really harsh flavor so they never got served. Instead I seasoned what was left and baked them..they still loved them lol
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This was the first batch of sauce I bottled for family on Christmas. They liked it but got some flak for the large flask type bottle being to large for older folks to handle. So an 8oz flask shall be on the agenda next

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I think the flasks look very cool. Guessing you're not gonna tell us what's in there though.
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Good stuff
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I can't give the original but one of them is, caramelized purple onion, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, family seasoning, worsterchier, ketchup. Simmer it thick,blend until smooth, bottle, unbottle lol
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Don't think I've ever tried a purple onion but the rest sounds good.
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