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New Guy from AZ

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So I am not really new. I have been around the forums a time or two. Been smoking for about a year and a half. My first smoke was Jeff's maple turkey from Thanksgiving 2014. It was excellent. Been dabbling in it since. Started with a MES30 and fought the hard fight of keeping the smoke going using the amazin tray. Recently got a "smokin" deal on a Traeger Junior Elite that I couldn't pass up. Been smokin on it for about a month. 


I'd like to say a thanks to all the regulars who post here. I am on all the time looking for ideas and trying to get my questions answered and you all do a great job. I'm hopin to smoke as well as you guys someday.



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Welcome to the forum, I learn something every time I cook. Just wish I could remember what it was. CF
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I see you have been a member for a while.


Glad to hear you getting a lot of info from the site!


That's what were all about.



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Good to see you Azbert !!


I remember working with you!!


Enjoy your new Smoker!!Thumbs Up




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Yes Bear, you are right. You did help me with my first smoke on here a couple years back.


Thanks again!

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