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Newbie from upstate NY

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Been a lurker for a while and love the site. Make pretty good venison summer sausage that my buddies all love...cant make it fast enough... Lol. And love smoking ribs with a 3-2-1, and the occasional butt and brisket. Just trying to improve on my snack sticks. Have an MES 30 and an older propane smoker. Modified the MES digital 30 with an auberins PID. Anyhow, nice site!
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Welcome to the site.  Post up some pictures of your smokes when you get a chance.

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Hello and welcome, good to have you on here.

Whereabouts are you located, I'm about thirty miles N of Syracuse.

Right in the snow.


Keep on smokin'                            Ed

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Thx... I'm East of Rochester. Not in the bigger snow belt like you! 😉 Although I do frequently go up to the Sandy creek area.
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I from the snow belt too.. just north of syracuse
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:welcome1: to SMF!


Glad you decided to join us!



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