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Hello - new to the forum

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Hello all!  Been reading on here for quite a while so thought about time I join and participate.  I live in Ft. Worth, TX and have been smoking as a hobby for family and friends for about 10yrs.  Have learned a lot from this forum as well as trial and error. 


Have smoked on offset smokers up until just now.  While I love being out with the smoker and tinkering around all day, I got a little tired of constantly managing the temps and continually adding fuel due to the smokers not holding the heat properly.  Anyway, just got a 22.5" Weber Smokey Mountain and have a run a couple dry "smokes" on it to get used to the temps.  Firing it up tomorrow for the first real smoke for a Poker and Sweet 16 party.


Thank you and I look forward to talking with everyone.



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Welcome to SMF!


Glad you decided to join us!


Good luck with that first smoke on the WSM!



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