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Uploading Photos

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I'm not a computer whiz so someone please help me. I have the photos uploaded

from phone to my CPU. I see the titles of photos but I don't seem to be able to

get these onto the forum page to partner with my recipe for the jerky. My personal

email is someone will reply to this address, I can fwd the

photos and they can upload these for me......

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Sending you an email.

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Just click on the insert image icon at the top of the text box. It's the one next to the film strip, looks like mountain peaks.


Then click on upload files & choose the files from your computer. If you want to upload more than one photo, just highlight them all at once. Click open & they will upload.


Hope this helps,



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Hi PBT, I can't help you, but I can commiserate with you.

Every time I get used to one system they change it again

Microsoft hates me I'm sure.

I get reasonably competent with one and they do it again.

Now I'm on windows ten and they did it again, changed everything I 

ever knew about how to do anything.

Computers give me a PITA.

Have faith my friend, I think I finally got some of it figured

out today. 

I managed my first post with a picture today.

I wish you good luck with it all.


Keep on smokin'                                 Ed

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Thanks for the insight. I am on W-10 also and find that some I T 

people will favor their URL & WEB page access with I E 5+ or

Google Chrome. So when I find one not working I change to the

other. I want to get back to the smoker but today is windy and

chill factor is in low 40's. My patio is not big enough for an 

enclosed area. Look forward to more chats.

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