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Size of vents

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Just looking for some quick advice - I previously posted a photo of my brick smoker under construction.  I was going to use 2 x air bricks one either side at the fire level to allow air intake and form a chimney on the concrete lid as an outlet.


Roughly how much air intake would I need at the bottom and roughly what size might the opening at the top be?  The air bricks at low level I was planning on using are basically brick size, and perforated.  Below is an image of where im up to - the size of the smoke is roughly 450mm Wide x 590mm deep by about 1800mm high.


Thanks very much for your help




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I assume you mean your going to lay two standard brick on edge to allow air to flow through them.   I would probably put at least one on each side.   You also will need to be able to close them off.  As your smoker gets hotter, you will require less fire.  Meaning you'll need to close off the air to the fire to slow it down.


You can get by with a 8inX8in flue out the top.   As long as you have equal or more square in. of air space going out as you have coming in, your good.  

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Thanks Wes,


I've put in two brick vents, will install some kind of baffle later on:

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Keep the pictures coming!    Looking good!

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