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The last time I did a couple of racks of ribs I roasted a whole garlic with them for the last two hours. I roast it on the rack above my water pan. I slice just the top 1/4 inch off of the cloves, extra virgin olive oil, fresh ground pepper and ground sea salt. As someone already said, leave the foil a little loose and the aroma will fill the chamber and add a bit of flavor to the meat. We served it with different crackers and sharp cheeses. Fresh berries go well with it also.


I also have rubbed the underside of my ribs down with roasted garlic before the dry rub. I used to do the top also but it was a bit too strong for some folks.  We grow a lot of garlic so it something to do with the excess.

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Fresh berries? Details?
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Fresh berries? Details?

Just something I serve with the garlic, cheese and crackers. You can also use Pita or other flatbread.

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I get all (most) of the loose skin off of the cloves, then I cut the tops off, if a few smaller ones inside the middle do not get cut, that is OK. I then take 6 inch pieces of Tin Foil, I cut them in Half, to form 2 squares.  This I wrap around the cloves leaving the top open.  I drizzle a little EVOO on top and smoke at 225 to 230 degrees F (I use a Mix of Apple and Hickory wood) for 1 hour if you want to slice it and 2 to 2 1/2 hours for squeezable Garlic.


I have done this and about 12 to 15 people have had it and loved it and asked me for more.

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That is what I call a decent amount of garlic Thumbs Up. Whenever I peel garlic and try to store it in the fridge, after a day or so so it usually starts to go brown. Maybe there are some varieties of garlic that store better when peeled.

We have a garlic Keeper, keeps garlic good for months.



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