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New here need some help

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Hi guys. I've been hanging around here for a long time. I finally have a situation that I need help with. I'm not sure if this is even the right place for this so move it if necessary. I brine cured 2 hams. I used pops brine recipe. They were cured for 30 days. I rinsed them and smoked them today to an IT of 140. Now I have approx 24 lb of partially cooked ham. We will cook one next week for Easter. But the other one I would like to freeze or just keep in refrigerator. What is the best way to keep it and how long will it keep?
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I vac seal any extra meat and it keeps like a champ. I cut it into serving size portions and process it that way.


Good luck!

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So how long could I keep a whole ham fresh? If I vac seal it? A store bought ham fully cooked and cryo packed is good for months. Would the same go for my ham?
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You Pulled the Ham at an IT of 140°F or that was the Final IT after it rested? An IT of 145 is fully cooked and ready to eat. I have never tested how long a home made vac-pac ham will keep in the refer. I will venture a guess that it will keep a couple of weeks in a rarely used Beer Refer. In the Kitchen Refer, maybe 7 days. Commercial producers jump through hoops to keep optimum sanitary condition, including smoking, blast chill and packing under refrigeration. The home cook can't match that and therefore won't see extended shelf life, of course YMMV...JJ

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I was following pops thread 'hog leg to easter ham'. So I smoked to IT of 140 then shut down the smoker and let the hams inside. I guess I will have ham on Easter then another ham in a few weeks. Thanks guys.
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Ok, With Pops method, the IT will still climb 5 to 10°F beyond 140 and the Ham will be fully cooked and ready to eat. Other than Belly Bacon, I don't cure more Pork than my family will eat in 2-3 weeks. Personally, I think Freezing changes the texture of Ham, Canadian Bacon and so on, making them grainy and more likely to get dry when heated/cooked the next time. You should be fine with your plan...JJ

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