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baby backs with jeffs rub

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First day of spring calls for some smokin, sunny and 40 out. Ive wanted to buy jeffs rub for a while so i broke down and bought it finally! Went to the store to get some baby backs and a couple things for the rub and sauce. Here tbey are rubbed down with mustard and jeffs rub.
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Looking good! Can't wait to see how they turned out!
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Great start!


Jeff's rub is a winner.



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I just finished making jeffs sauce. Pretty good taste. Tastes way fresher than the commercial sauces and alot lighter which I like. I usually just do ribs dry or a light glaze but im gonna mop these down with his sauce
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Those look really good, so far. That's how I do mine. Jeff's rub and then sauced with Jeff's. When I make up my rub and sauce, I use a little more sweet and a little less heat. That's the great thing about Jeff's recipes. They are very user friendly and can be tweaked to your personal taste. My family and friends love ribs done this way.
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Heres the finished product glad I bought the recipes!
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Not uploading for some reason but i smoked them with cherry and alittle bit of hickory
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I have issues posting from my iPad from time to time,hopefully you can repost the finish later!
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Sounds like a success, hope you can post some photos later.



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drool.gif that's what I'm craving! Great job!
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Great color on those!  Lookin mighty tasty...nicely done!





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Looks like they turned out tasty!
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Great color.  Jeffs rub is always a winner.  Point!


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