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Mustard on pork?

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Been reading a trying bunch of new recipes from the site and I've noticed that a lot of recipes will have mustard applied prior to putting on the rub.  I've always hated mustard and avoid it whenever I can.  My question is, does this cause a mustardy taste on the meat or does it just lend to the overall flavor with out giving it a too mustardy taste?  If i left out the mustard would i get similar taste? Thanks guys.  

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A light coating of mustard acts as a binder for your rub, i use it often and you cannot taste the mustard at all.

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Pretty much used as a glue/binder for rub. Some say oil and vinegar in mustard helps dissolve ingredients in rub. You could always use a neutral oil as binder. Most rubs already have mustard powder in them. I saw no difference when I used mustard or not. I just coat with rub now and smoke. JMHO.
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Good information thanks.  I realize a lot of things I like utilize mustard or mustard seed, i just don't care for the strong taste of straight mustard as a condiment.  Good to know its mainly just for a binder and the taste doesn't show through. 

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You can use EVOO too, same thing, it just helps the rub stick to the meat.



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You've gotten some great advice--I agree with it all.  Most of the time, if the meat is fairly moist, I just put my rub straight onto the meat.



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I can taste and like the subtle mustard flavor. But being able to taste even subtle flavors is important in my business...JJ

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BTW mayo acts the same if you need rub glue.


Although with pork, I prefer adding brown sugar. The brown sugar goes from a crystaline state to a liquid as it draws those fluids out and holds the rub as well. But you can not use it will higher heats as it will burn. But low & slow smoking its perfect.

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I never taste the mustard. I use it as a binder and it just goes away when it helps to liquefy the rub. Also, I use butter or mayo on poultry and EVOO on beef. Basically, the EVOO doesn't taste on the beef. The butter will give a good flavor to the poultry, but the mayo is just eggs and oil and will just help to crisp the skin. That's my $0.02.
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I don't use anything for a binder to adhere rubs. The moisture of the meat is all you need.
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