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Baby backs attempt #1

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Tried ribs for the 1st time and the flavor was amazing. Apparently I need some work on telling when they are done.

Wanted STL ribs but BB is all the market had fresh. They said they don't get STL until "smoking season" which confused me a bit.

smeared with maple syrup then the rub.
I prefer a bit spicier rub so the sweet syrup was an amazing contrast for flavor. I used "Jeff's rub" although I up the cayenne a bit.

3 hours into smoke before I even opened the lid. Held 240° fairly well. Think I should have done higher. Lesson learned.

The wife is pretty good at doctoring up store-bought sauce. Had her use the rest of the syrup instead of the usual honey addition. Great choice in my opinion.

About 45 minutes left I threw the veggies in the smoker too. Simple flavor, infused olive oil and garlic powder with a bit of Pepper.

Aren't they beautiful?
Felt like a new father, so proud!!

Can't forget the sides! Also made a homemade mac-n-cheese.
Thank you SMF for getting me into this hobby, couldn't have done it without you.
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They look great. Very nice.
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Surprised at the butchers comments. St Louis is just a way of cutting spare ribs, not a different meat.

Anyway, Yours came out great - even smells good from here..............

Way to go.

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The ribs look amazing, but I'm confused. Why did you say you need some work on telling when they are done?


They look done, but were they tough?


The whole meal looks fantastic!


Points to you for a successful first attempt!!



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For a first attempt, I would say you have it down real well.  Those ribs look great.



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Yes they were a bit tougher than ideal. Still edible just would have preferred softer.
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