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Cornbeef Smoked

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I tried taking a store bought Cornbeef and smoked it--- pastrami?
I soaked it in cold water for 6 hours yesterday and used my Meat Church honey Hog rub with a mustard base. I did it very lightly becuase I didn't want it too salty. Smoked at 240 for 7hrs. Hit the stall at hour 4.5. Stalled for 2 hours, wrapped in foil when it hit 170. Turned out great. I'd like to try it again with a pickling spice receipe.
Here are 2 pics. One is when i wrapped it, then after it hit 203 and set in a cooler wrapped in a towel for an hour.
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Looks tasty,sando pics are always nice!
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Points for those slices! icon14.gif
Looks like you need to get a new toy . . . Meat slicer for deli sandwich slices!
Great job!
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That's very good looking pastrami.



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That's a good looking pastrami!


Looks delicious!



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