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Can I save a pork leg?

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I took a 280lb pig in for processing and just discovered I forgot a front leg in the cooler. It was covered by a bag of ice. It's been in the cooler for 2 days and the ice melted at some point since. Cooler has been closed and its in cool water. The fat side is exposed to air in the cooler.

It's a nice leg and want to save it if I can. Is this a crazy thing to attempt or should I toss due to bacteria, etc?

I know the answer is probably toss it but I wanted to ask the seasoned pros here.


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Hi Jeff,


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Your question would be best answered by Chef Jimmy J.


I'm going to move this thread to "Food safety".


If he doesn't see it there soon, please PM him.



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TOO MANY variables to guess if it is still ok. Having no idea of the processor's sanitation practices, not knowing exactly what temp Cool is and two days is a long time. I would not risk it...JJ

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