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Newbie from Calif.

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I am from Calif.  Husband is avid hunter.  This year when duck hunting he breasted out quite a few ducks and saved it.  We took it to a meat place that makes sausage etc.  A friend used him and was very happy.  It was great, but I decided I wanted to learn how to do it myself so next year we could try our own.  So far I made a summer sausage.  I used beef/pork to practice because  I don't want to waste any elk or deer until I figure this out.   Now I want to make pepperoni type snack sticks.  I am trying to figure out how long to cook them in the oven at 180 or 200 etc.  The large summer sausage was 10 hrs, although next time I may do just a bit less.  It was 160 degrees.  Maybe it was me, but seemed a tad dry. 


I certainly don't want to overcook snack sticks.  Looking for suggestions.


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Welcome to this place, it's a great site and there

is a huge amount of knowledge here.

But I am thinking you will get a lot better response

to your questions if you post it out in the sausage 


Enjoy. I'd answer it but I am very new this and you're

way ahead of me already.


Keep on smokin'                     Ed

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Welcome Blucy2! You are going to find a lot of help and inspiration here! If you look at the upper right of the page there is a magnifying glass you can use to help find threads already posted that may answer questions or even give step by steps for what you are trying to do. I used the search function and typed in "snack stick" and this came up (link follows), plenty of threads for you to research!

Some other help based on what you wrote:

Wild Game Questions: If you look under forums at top of the page and click on it, then scroll down to "Smoking meat and other things" and look down towards bottom you will find "Wild Game" forum. Here is a link you can use:
This is where you can post questions about wild game and look around for ideas.

Sausage Question: Look under same place in forums under "smoking meat and other things" is a "sausage" forum. Here is a link straight there to post a thread and look around.

Good luck! Can't wait to see what you come up with, don't hesitate to ask if you have any other questions. It can be confusing to navigate around at first!
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:welcome1: to SMF!


Sounds like the guys have you covered.


Looking forward to seeing some of your snack sticks!



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Welcome to SMF from NorCal
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