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Belated St. Paddy's Corned Beef w/ Q-view

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As St. Paddy's fell on a Thursday this year, I didn't have time to cook my corned beef. So it's going in today (Saturday.)

This is a slight twist on the traditional simmering method (which my wife has done on small pieces with very mixed results. :icon_rolleyes:)  In the past I have tried buying brisket packers that have already been corned and cooking them in the smoker, with and without smoke. Those were okay, but I wanted something a little more traditional. I came up with this 2 years ago, and the first one turned out very moist and tender.


I started out two weeks ago with a regular 17 lb, 10 oz packer brisket. Trimmed almost all the fat, and was left with 10 lbs, 8 oz. This was my $21 mismarked Costco brisket, so at least I don't feel so bad about paying for 7 lbs of fat!


Separated out the point and flat.


Into Pop's brine for two weeks with a little more salt than I normally use for bacon. (For bacon I use 1/3 cup, for this I went slightly over 1/2 cup. Still a lot less than commercial CB, I'm sure.) 


Now for the good part. After rinsing, it goes into a large, foil turkey pan with some more pickling spices and about 1 qt. of beer. Today,I'm using Stone IPA.


Temp probe in, then cover tightly with foil. This goes into a 275° oven until it hits 190° IT. This one just went into the oven.

Last one I did took about 5 hours. After it hits the IT, remove, keeping the oven door open to cool. After the oven has cooled a few minutes, put the pan back in and let it rest for 2 hours. Done!

I will post more pics later of the finished result.

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Got a good seat and a cold one I'm in




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Ok, here's the finished product. I know it looks a little bland in the pics. This was actually a lot pinker than what my phone camera captures.


Tender, but still firm enough to slice. Had I let it go a little longer, it would have been quite a bit looser.


Had my 15 mo. old grandson overnight, so he got to sample. With us being Irish-American, predictably, he loved the potatoes the best, but he still put away his share of the corned beef.

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Looks fine to me. I could put some of that Corned Beef away.Thanks for sharing point


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