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Len Poli recipes a little on the bland side?

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Hey All,


Just looking for opinions.  I have made about 30 batches of sausage in my short sausage making days.  About 4-5 of them have been Len Poli's recipes which I followed exactly and I can't help but think they are under-seasoned.  Could just be personal preference.  I know he's renowned as a sausage master so this may be taboo haha.  


I will say with great pride, any sausage recipe I have taken off of this forum has been incredibly delicious and popular among friends and family.  Pop's breakfast, Cougar78's hot links, Richie's Italian chicken sausage, just to name a few.


Just wondering if anyone out there has had the same experience?

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Yes they are for the most part a bit on the bland side. They are a good starting point though.
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I think we all tweek every recipe we get just a little to conform to our own taste. No matter where it comes from. I always try it the first time the way it was written then change as necessary.



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I almost always increase the pepper and garlic by 50% in any recipe I try. If you have a 5 pound batch, for example, a teaspoon or two of pepper or garlic, is going to disappear.
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All of the above.


I have had good luck with several of Poli's recipes.  I most often end up tweaking recipes to my own taste anyway.  Also, since I freeze my sausage, I usually up the spice level a little.  It might just be my imagination, but I think sausage is blander once frozen and held than when it was fresh.


Good luck and good smoking.

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As I was thinking about making more sausage, I thought that perhaps one of the reasons I find his sausage formulations to be a bit on the bland side is because I made most of them before I had a grams scale and I was using salt by volume instead of by weight.  I usually use Morton's Kosher Salt and from what I understand the same volume of it weighs significantly less than say table salt or canning salt.  I will have to retry one of the recipes by weighing all the ingredients.  

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