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Chimney material ?

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Hello all,


New to the forum.  Building a Reverse Flow using a 1946 30 gallon air compressor tank.  I am building this thing mostly out of scrap I have laying around.  With that plan in mind, I have 3' or so of 3" stainless automotive exhaust pipe left over.  Can I use it for the chimney?  Does the chimney need to be a certain wall thickness?  I ran my numbers through the Feldon calculator and it called out 19.14" for 3" pipe.  Thanks all.




BTW....  Great forum you guys have here.  A lot of knowledge here.  

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That will work...  You may have to insulate it to stop condensate from dripping inside or on food.....

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Why would water condense on the chimney pipe?  What would I insulate it with?

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Originally Posted by bad idea View Post

Why would water condense on the chimney pipe?  What would I insulate it with?

Moisture laden air....   condensate will form on your cold beer....   same with a chimney....   when the air gets to the dew point, moisture collects on the cooler surface...


To insulate...  an air gap will do....  slip another piece of pipe over the original....  it can be 1/2" larger in diameter...   seal the top where the 2 pipes meet... air tight...  leave the bottom open...

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Drill a couple of small holes in the bottom of the exhaust stack. Any moisture that may form will wick out of the holes and not run into the CC.
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