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Reuben Fattie (St. Patrick's day 2016)

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Hello all,

With st pattys day being tomorrow I've decided to make a Reuben Fattie. I'm no stranger to creative fatties as I've held 2 different fattie competitions here in farm country in the past few years. I took 2nd in both by the way. Always the brides maid I guess.

Next fattie competition is July 23rd at my ranch in Michigan if anyone's interested.

Thursday night is farm night where I live with everyone meeting at the farm to get stuff done that requires help, and usually some good eating and beer drinking so a Reuben fattie on St Patrick's day seems about right.

I started with a large stack of Reuben brats. Locally made at the meat market with thousand island, kraut, and Reuben seasoning in it. It's a pork based sausage.

Fattie sausage roled out and ready.

Corned beef cooked and sliced.

Fattie being stuffed. Swiss, thousand island, and some beef.

Add the kraut.

Rolled into form.

2nd fattie started. Swiss & thousand island.

Added the beef. Sliced thin for this one.

Hooper The Wonder Dog helping as always. Wife loves it when I let her sit at the kitchen table!

2nd fattie rolled.

2nd fattie rolled, and wrapped. I'm calling this the Speilberg angle.

Not smoking until tomorrow so I'll update when I can. Beer is gonna be flowing tomorrow. Whiskey to.

Happy St Patrick's day SMF!
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I'D say you found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

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I hope it turns out good. I'll find that out after work once I smoke them!
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Looks great so far!



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I am definitely in for this one!!!

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Looks real good Scott.  Keep practicing and you will be number one soon!!   Your bacon weaves look great.

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Thanks everyone. They came out great! Had one split open once I flipped it on the grill. Lost a few pieces because of it.

Smoked them to 155 at 250 degrees then transferred to hot grill to crisp bacon and finish to 165. Served with extra kraut and thousand island on marble rye in slices.

In the smoker on St Patrick's day.

Finishing on the Weber.

Done deal.

Off the grill and sliced.

Slab-o-fattie on marble rye with extra dressing.

Add extra kraut.

Reuben fattie samich! Nuff said.

Experiment came out great! Easy fattie to make and results were phenomenal. Fed a dozen people along with a buddy who can cooked corned beef and cabbage.

Within 20 minutes of showing up the other cook ate three Reuben fattie sandwiches! The crowd turned on him quickly and said he "turned on his own food" and razed him for a bit!

Best compliment ever when another cook can't put down your food and raves about it!

Thanks for looking and happy St Patrick's day SMF!
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HB, Those fatties look excellent ,nice job! :points:

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Oh boy!! that was worth the wait!! Points!!

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Appreciate it guys. Thanks.
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Man now you got me thunken.
What would happen if I feed a uncooked corned beef to the grinder rolled it out stuffed it with cabbage,blanch carrots and potatoes.
You guys think it might work. Or am I just blowing smoke.
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Great looking fatties!


Points for creativity.



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I don't see why that wouldn't work. Sounds like something your should try.
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Dang it man that looks good,,, Nice job 


A full smoker is a happy smoker 



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That's DS. I'd make it again.
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Where the heck is Wonder Dog Ranch?

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EatLarge, Wonder Dog Ranch is my home in Conway township. We have a few acres and we raise gun dogs out this way with the help of others (farmers, pro trainers, friends, etc...).

All dogs raised out here are working dogs. Waterfowl dogs to be exact. family dogs sure, but waterfowling is their job.

Hooper the Wonder Dog is the original. She's 3 years old and a hunting monster.

And here's my new pup Scout retrieving at 2 months old. She's next in line and will be learning a lot in the coming months.
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Looks like your east of Lansing a bit. If I'm over that way on my Harley, I'll stop by for a cold one!

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Yes sir. Just a little west of Howell.

Harley huh? I'm selling my street glide now if you know anyone who's looking.

If your in the area let me know I'm usually home or at one of the nearby farms.

You should enter this years fattie contest. It's July 23rd at my place.
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