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2016 Michigan get together Fattie contest at the way out ranch. (Fowlerville Michigan) July 23rd - Page 4

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I'll bring some high top tables. I'm planning on arriving between noon and 2. My wife has to run some errands in the morning and I never know what is going to happen with two little kids around. I'll get there as soon as I can. Dave might be coming along too.


I'll bring my smoked homemade mac and cheese too. What else do you think we need in terms of food/sides?

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sounds good dinger. Your Mac n cheese always goes over well. Any other sides you want to bring will be appreciated. I know we're making a pasta salad, regular salad, fruit salad, and ABTs.
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Wow! Sounds great. You guys are such great hosts.

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Tomorrow is the day.   I made and smoked two pans of beans today. :pot:     We can reheat them in the oven or a smoker.          ( I think beans are always better the next day )   I also made a fatty for the contest. :yahoo:  I will bring two of my master forge smokers just in case.


My Buddy D-ron is going to be my designated driver and we will be there around noon.  Scott did you get extra beer cause I am drinking tomorrow. LOL



See you all tomorrow!!

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Hope you guys stay hydrated it's going to be sticky out! Hoping to see some pics of all the fun!!
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pork butts are at about 175 degrees, both briskets have been for about 4 hours. RobbQ, my wife, and I just pre made 60 abts and we will start a few more brisket points in the morning.
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The two packer briskets have been moved from the barrel to the new mes for the night.

The other mes still has the two pork butts in it and they are slowly climbing and rendering fat away. Sorry I forgot to take a pic of them.

Stan I'll have the wife buy another case of beer.
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Hey Scott PM me your cell number. Thanks.
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The party was a huge success.  I believe we had 20 fatties entered. 

Originally Posted by kingfishcam View Post

This is Farmer Scott the winner .  



The second place winner Dan


Third place  Greg and Marcy


One huge fatty


Fatty's in the traeger  Mine is in front


 More fatty's in the other traeger


The rest of the fatty's were in Humdingers smoker in the rear of this pic.








Fatty's going in Humdingers smoker


The monster fatty


Robbqs onion rings  Man were they good.

Humdingers Mac and Cheese




Burnt ends 





The rings cooking


Had a slip and slide for the KIds












last years check


this years check  for farmer Scott








Hillbilly's  two smokers The one on the right is brand new.


Getting the fire going.



Boxing up fatty's













Boxed up waiting on the judges.



Hillbilly's  entree








Our sponsors





Foods on


Pulled pork




My beans


Salads on the ice table.




Grilled chicken


Farmer scott






We had campers.








The Fowlerville Pork Producers were a sponsor and a big part of this party.  Thanks guys.



The judges
















kingfishcan and Robb







And thats all the pics I took  Hope everyone enjoys.



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Thank you Todd and a-maze-n smokers for your donation once again.

Thank you Fowlerville pork producers for your donations and help.

Thank you RobbQ for camping out and helping for two straight days.

Thank you Stan for all your help Saturday and for taking all these pics.

Thank you humdinger for all your help and for bringing tables and your smoker.

It was a good day. Record setting 20 Fattie entries. Thank you to all who participated.

I was up until 6am drinking beer. I'm hungover so until next years Fowlerville Fattie contest I'm out!
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Wow looks like a great time! Thanks for getting the pics up for those of us who couldn't attend! It must have been a hot one!!
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To all members-
This event was absolutely fantastic. I'm not sure how much more fabulous it could ever grow to. But it can. Anyone thinking at all about attending a fattie event, for the members in this group, friends or visitors, you must seriously consider it. 2 years ago I joined and attended the first annual through this forum not knowing anyone yet still I was able to camp out at Cam's house, help him smoke and attend a fabulous event every one here are some of the best people I could meet. Only to rekindle friendships this weekend was fantastic. Hillbilly you and your wife are fabulous and threw one heck of an event I thank you again and to all the people with their donations of food the great Smokin BBQ. And all or any type of help it turned out great. I wish I could make many many more of my bacon onion rings if they pleased people like that they are delicious. Thanks Stan for the pictures.

Scott's briskets after 4 hours

Stan carver!

Dinger, DRon, Stan and myself enjoying chat and beer.

Some prep and final result of the Baco-pepper rings!

Edited by RobbQ - 7/25/16 at 3:11am
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Excellent gathering @hillbillyrkstr. You and Crystal really worked hard all weekend to make it a success! It was my pleasure to help out and have such a good time with such great company. It was good to see @HANDYMANSTAN and D Ron again. Also was great to see @kingfishcam again! It was tough to leave that night with such an awesome fire going. @RobbQ and I will have to pull something together on the east side soon. In the meantime, here are a handful of pics that I took.


The Gals Chatting



Prepping for final entry!



Panorama of pick-up-truck-o-rama


Very eloquent victory speech


No, that's not a play on perspectives,.....the flames were really that high!

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Nice panoramic shot dinger! Were you standing on top of the pallets for that one?
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Finished the last two brisket points last night. Wish I had gotten them done on Saturday. Guess I'm burnt end heavy for a while.
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The 2016 Fatty event was a huge good time!  Great to see the east side crew again.  Sure did miss the onion rings and mac-n-cheese...


Thanks for posting the pics guys.  Hopefully this will inspire some more Michigan smokers to participate in the next gathering.

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Friday nights showing of Deadpool at Wonder Dog Ranch Theater. Yes the barn door is the movie screen. RobbQ was loving it.
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Originally Posted by hillbillyrkstr View Post

Nice panoramic shot dinger! Were you standing on top of the pallets for that one?
Yeah, I almost fell off trying to get down. Though that might have been the 6th beer I drank. Lol
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DAMN! I'm sorry I missed that dinger! You should have camped out and had 6 more beers! Maybe next year. Thanks again for all your help.
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