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Tough casings....

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I know nothing about sausage making but I love to eat all kinds. My favorite has always been landeajers. Always got them from a sausage shop in my hometown in southern Mn for years and they were fantastic. That sausage shop closed sometime ago and we had to switch to another very popular shop in another town a few miles away.

Their landeajers have a very tough and chewy casing and to me they are just on the verge of having that bitter over smoked taste.

So is it over smoking that causes  the tough chewy casing or the type of casing? Thought I'd ask the sausage experts here.

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Could be either one. I have over smoked hot dogs before with sheep casing which is pretty tender, and they came out tough.


Why not ask them what kind of casing they are using?


I'm sure others will chime in soon.



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Chewy casings = cooked at too low heat. 

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Sometimes a night in cooler will help that chew go away
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I've used the vinegar method (add a tablespoon to the bowl of water your casings are soaking in overnight) which seems to help. Also, filling the casing full stretches the casing out thinner which helps lessen the chew. There's a pretty fine line between a full casing and a broken casing, so it takes some feel, but it does help. Not sure how that shop preps it's casings, but that works for me.
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Considering Collagen casing is a lot cheaper and easier to use, I venture a guess they are using it. The best collagen case is quite a bit tougher than Sheep or Hog Casing...JJ

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