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I picked up two of these at Sams a couple of weeks ago for $49 (one for me and one for my neighbor).  The first weekend I did two racks of baby back ribs and and a jalapeno stuffed pork tenderloin and they turned out great.  I normally use an offset smoker, and nobody could tell the difference. Last weekend I did 3 pounds of smoked salmon, and again, it turned out just like the offset.


Today I was at Sams to get some items for a pork loin smoke this weekend, and they had them marked down to $29, so of course, I grabbed the last one (other than the display).


They will both go on vacation this summer so we can do 4 pork butts at one time.


I'm very impressed by this little smoker.  It holds temps at 225 - 250 easily while hooked up to a 20 lb tank and can reach over 350 if you turn it on high.