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Afternoon, Everyone!

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Travis Mattingly here from Lebanon, KY born and raised. 25 years old and somewhat new to the BBQ world, but I have smoked a little chicken and several pork butts on small kettle smokers both electric/charcoal. Recently purchased a home made set up that is a horizontal offset smoker made out of an old fuel tank (set up on a pull-type trailer). Its not perfect and needs a little TLC, but with a few mods I think I'll have a great set up at minimal cost. 


I was attempting to attach a picture to open up the flood gates for ideas/suggestions, but my computer is not cooperating at the moment. More to come soon!

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Hey Travis!


Welcome to SMF!


Glad to have you with us!



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I would love some suggestions as far as modifications go. The lid is in definite need of a counterweight, but I also anticipate on adding a more functional handle got the lid, baffle on the exit exhaust, and some simple shelving. (And of course paint)

I would love to hear any additional suggestions or a nudge in the right direction as far as those modifications go. Thanks in advance!
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Welcome from SC, Travis. It's good to have you on this great site. I would suggest a convection plate to help with even distribution of heat and smoke. I would also suggest having the exhaust stack exit at grate level to keep the heat and smoke at grate level longer. A baffle at the entrance from the FB to the CC would be good to direct the heat and smoke lower, especially as high as the FB is in relationship to the CC.

Good luck with your mods and good smokin', Joe.
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