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I am making a somewhat unique upright smoker.  I want this to burn wood like an offset smoker does and not "smolder charcoal" like a uds or weber smokey mountain does.  It is my understanding I will need an exhaust of some sort rather than just an air adjustment on the top. 


specs - 60 gallon compressor (20" diameter x 48" length).  17 x 17 x 19 firebox.


Can you help me with the length of stacks?   Currently I have 4.25" inside diameter pipe but am more than willing to buy a new size if need be.  I want it to be right!  I have a general idea based on feldons calc but am I wrong in thinking that because it is vertical, it already has somewhat of a natural draft due to heat rising...thus needing less of an exhaust?  Please help?!?


Overall design




Internal design