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Newbie - Building File Cabinet Smoker

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I have done a lot of reading on the forum on people's File Cabinet builds, and I have learned a lot and have some ideas on what to do, but I have a couple of questions.  Well, that is a lie, I am sure I have more that a couple, but a couple to start with.


I did a burn last weekend in the cabinet, I built a fire in the bottom and second drawer.  The top drawer would burn to much, it kept going out when I closed it do to the updraft.  My question is how many burns should I do and how careful do I have to be with the paint on the inside?  If I do another burn, should that be good enough?  The first one was for about an hour.  Do I have to do any scraping with sand paper or a grinder?  


Also, do I have to season the inside?  I guy at work is building a smoker (for a tank) and said it should be seasoned.  Is that just putting oil on all sides of the drawers and the inside of the cabinet?


Any other insights are welcomed.  

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Some updates on my build.  I was able to get most of the cutting of the cabinet done this weekend.  Now I need to figure out the gas line and the location of the safety valve and thermocouple.  I was planning on putting it right by the heater but just found out that it should be outside of the cabinet.  Is there flexible gas line that I could hook up to the heater to run outside and then hookup to the safety valve?  I might have to scrap the whole bottom drawer idea and just set the heater on the bottom of the cabinet.


I plan on putting the AmazeN pellet smoker in front of the this burner.


This will be the top drawer with the bottom cut out in case I want to hang sausage down through it.


Vent holes for the gas burner


Top drawer


Side of cabinet


2nd drawer, which will have a drip tray in it.


If anyone sees anything that might be an issue, or thoughts on something more that I need to do, please chime in.

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