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Polish Sausage or your other favorite recipes

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I'm making my 1st batch of smoked sausages on thursday. I was thinking of either hungarian or polish sausage. Can you share your favorite recipes for a good smoke sausage for a first timer


thanks a lot

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I go to a Program at our local old folks home, on Fridays.  This last Friday, I had one the PSWs, who are doing their 600 hours after school placement, sit down beside me and ask me a question.  She has a very thick accent and she asked me how I would BBQ a pork steak.  We talked for about ten minutes, by the end I was asking for some recipes.  It seems her and her husband were heading to the local Mennonite Community and picking up 2 pigs, killed and dressed, this weekend.  They make Polish Sausage and Hams and Bacon.  Give me time and I will get you some polish sausage recipes.  Until then here is link to some Polish recipes -

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Thank you that would be great. What i'm looking for are already tried recipes that work that anybody is willing to share. 

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I am Polish and raised eating some great Kielbasa. The recipe below is easy, is authentic, generations old and some of the best I have ever eaten. Divide the amount of Pork you have, in Grams, by 1000 to get the Ratio (multiplication factor for each ingredient)...JJ

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I can attest to the above recipe. I grew up in and around New Braunfels Texas. So I grew up eating good German & Polish sausage.


I have since moved to Deep South Texas. You cannot get good sausage down here.


I have made several batches of pork sausage with this recipe & it has the same taste as home. I will keep making this recipe.


It is a good and easy recipe for you to try.



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