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Hello folks...just wanted to introduce myself.  My real first name is Eric and I am pleased to be participating in this forum.


I've been smoking meats and other proteins (fish, etc...) for about 17 years.  I currently cook on a Primo Oval XL that I've had since 2003 and I took delivery of a brand-new Assassin 28 last May, 2015.  Still learning how to really get the best from it, but the capacity is fantastic.  Over the years, I've also had a WSM 22.5 model, an ECB and a offset, but think that the ceramic and the Assassin are the best I've used.  I also have a Weber Performer charcoal grill, and a Weber Summit gas grill.


I'm up here in Massachusetts, just west of Boston, and the weather hasn't really been cooking weather, but I am looking forward to the season, and participating in this forum.



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Welcome to the forum Eric!  I really like those Assassin smokers! I thinks it's based on their looks and name.  AR15firing.gif  Looking forward to your smokes.



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Hi Mike...thanks for the "welcome".  


I gotta admit, the name does sort of grab you, but I did a lot of shopping last spring and after a few phone calls to the finalists (Stump and Jeff at C & C), I decided the price to value to size ratios, plus the inclusions, like the IQ120, the slam latch and heavy duty wheels, pushed me to the Assassin.


Here's a few photos...






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That's some fine smokes Eric!  You are cranking out some awesome Q!



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Thanks's a fun, and delicious hobby!

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Great looking Q!!



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Now that's a good looking Brisket  points1.png



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Thanks Gary...appreciate the kind words.


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