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The Good One

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Anyone used this unit called the "good one"?
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What is it?



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It's a BBQ smoker/grill. Highly regarded by AmazingRib.
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The Good One is definitely a top shelf smoker-grill. I have "The Marshall". This thing produces quality products, and is very easy to control temps. I would definitely buy again. AMERICAN MADE in northern Missouri. I've smoked "literally" a couple hundred # of pork butts, many many

racks of ribs, 8-10 holiday turkeys, meatloaves and fatties, rabbits for a friend, and many apps. I bought mine in Sept. 2015 and have used it all winter, in all sorts of weather in WI. Dave

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I forgot to mention that I cold smoked some cheese, using an Amazen tube smoke generator.

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I'm in central California where can I look and perhaps buy one. Any information would look be most helpful.
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I bought mine through Great outfit to deal with.

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Okay unable to buy The Good One here locally. Can anyone tell me what other unit that is similar to the Good One.
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Good ones are kind of unique in their design as far as I know they are the only one with that layout.   I've had my eye on one for a while, but the shipping has always been an issue for sure.

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Seems they had a good price at Firecraft but they really jump the price.
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