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First post butts and ribs!

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Hey guys,
First time posting on here but I lurk daily. I thought I would share my cook today. I picked up a couple of Boston butts and a 3 pack of ribs last night at SAMs and Put them on my backwoods smoker at about 275. Ill keep posting pics as it continues 4abd13367e6e0662b01bf112cf9c2a05.jpg6c6217011738101867366881e3d83cb2.jpg
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I'm in.




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That's a load of meat!


Good start!



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Looking good, so far. I'll be here for the finished shots.
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Care to share a pic of your smoker... I want to see what holds that amount of meat. Looking good!
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Looks great. Are you feeding an army??/??

Can't wait to see the results.............

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