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Corned Beef Brisket

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I made a corned beef brisket yesterday that I had gotten from the s/m.  I rinsed it 4 times since it had been in a brine from the package.  Spiced it with mustard and then some BBQ rub (Memphis Dry rub from BBQ Bros) and let it sit over night.  Weather was fickle yesterday up here in CT and the wind was not being friendly.  I had it smoking for got it up to temperature of 160 and pulled it and wrapped it.  I got this meat at a great deal since its St Patricks week, so my only intent for this was to just make Corned Beef Hash today.  I did cut it up and make a reuben sandwich yesterday which came out great....


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And here is the final product, the Smoked Corned Beef Brisket Hash!!!


Corned Beef Hash

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Looks mighty tasty!



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Thanks!  I learned a lot from this one so the one I make next week is going to be even better (hoping)...Biggest lesson I think was that this cooks so quickly that my smoker was still going for hours with nothing else ready...

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Looks amazing! I can almost smell it!

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That hash looks REAL delish.



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