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CostCo "Prime" Brisket

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I see at CostCo's they have been selling USDA "Prime" Briskets, untrimmed vacuumed sealed.  My question is, can I take the brisket and put it in the smoker as is, well less the plastic package?  (No trimming it)  


My other question is, I heard not to use any salt, pepper or any other seasoning on the brisket, has anyone ever done that?




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I have never got a brisket grade other than select but prep shouldn't be any different with prime. I suggest you trim it the way you usually trim your briskest. Seasoning should be the same also. I don't treat a cheap steak much different than an expensive one. My only concern would be when to pull it off the pit. The flat may cook differently because of the additional marbling.
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Trim or not not a big deal,that big hunk of meat needs seasoning! I've never seen anyone suggest no seasoning but usally simple seasonings to not over power the meat namely salt and pepper or SPOG =salt,pepper,onion and garlic. I have never had a prime brisket only choice.
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Thank you for the link...  I'm going to try your method.

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