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Slow Cooker and Smoker Questions

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So I have a BBQ tomorrow that we are doing at my house...  Dinner is around 5-6 Oclock.  I am cooking a 7.5# Boston Butt with the bone in it.  The fat has been trimmed and it has been marinating in a brine since yesterday afternoon.  I am figuring I will start it in the smoker for a few hours to get the smoke flavor going then finish it in the slow cooker.


With that being said I want to start it tonight at 8-9pm and run it until about 12am in the smoker (3-4 hours) and let it get the smoke flavor.  Then I will put it in the slow cooker until its time to eat the next day (about 16-18 hours) so we are looking at a total cook time of over 20 hours due to timings...  If its in the slow cooker it should be fine for a long period of time and not dry out?


Also, should I set the slow cooker on low or high?


Thanks for the advice!

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Set it on low, as long as there is liquid in there it won't dry out.Chicken stock would work well.



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