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Head Cheese

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Hello there,new member here from Nova Scotia,not sure if this is the proper place to put this so please let me know if it isnt.Picked up a couple pig heads today,did jowl bacon from one and thought id try head cheese with the other.Ive researched this extensively and still cannot find any info on whether leaving the hair/skin on will have any bearing on the outcome?do i just strain the hair from the broth afterwards?any info or experiences greatly appreciated:)
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Hair? That should not be much left. There was a little on the head I cooked last December, I just burned it with a propane torch.

Leave the skin on. Clean the snout, ear canals. Remove brain bits. Wash well. Cook whole.

See my take on head cheese
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That is great:)thanks ats smoke,appreciate ur experience as this first time for me,will post how i make out next week with first head cheese,thx again
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