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Bacon Smoking Friday and Saturday

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Picked up 60 lbs. of the prettiest bellies I have ever seen about 3 weeks ago from a Chinese market for $3.00 @lb….they initially wanted $3.99, but I negotiated and got them at a price I thought was fair for the quality.


Turned 25lbs. into brown sugar bacon,



25lbs. into Maple bacon

and  about 10 lbs. into pancetta (next to the pancetta is a Capricola drying)


Pancetta will be ready in 8 weeks, the maple bacon in in the smoker today (MES 40 with mailbox mod and A-maze-N smoke generator)

and I’ll smoke the brown sugar bacon tomorrow (my smoker would not hold all of it) (wife not happy about the exhaust pipe in the garage door.....:hit:)


Could not do any of this if were not for all the great information I have receive here, including individual answers from Bearcarver and Pops…so thanks to all


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Looking forward to seeing the final result!



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