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MES 30 Black Digital Non Window

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So I am having problems with my MES 30 and the wood chips turning black only, or using fine or minimal chips and no smoke flavor on the meat.

Let me say that I am not going to try the AMPS yet. I want to use the smoker the way it was designed or take it back.

I called Masterbuilt and they told me--- make sure I add 1/2cup of dry chips, 1 cup water and vent at 1/2 open and 225deg or more. They also said the chips will not burn up completely to ash and don't do any other modifications. I am operating at 235/240deg with a Mav733 internal smoker thermometer.

Now ---on my other electric smoker I could add 1 cup of chips every hour and a half, the chips would burn up nicely and have perfect thin blue smoke. But this was a very cheap, no insulated LANDMANN 26".

My question or comment is--- how do I get great smoke flavor (not amps) and get the chips to burn up more,,, more wood = more smoke flavor?

Seems like Maserbuilt customer service is not in touch with the Smoking Community.
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I had bought a MES on the Black Friday sale. The controller failed so they replaced the smoker under warranty. If you are still under the short 90 day warranty call them back with the model & serial number to see if your unit is covered.

They sent me a new upgraded smoker at no charge. I am thrilled with their customer service but mine was within the 90 days.

 Hope you have the same good experience wit them.


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I've noticed a significant difference between the various brands/types of chips I put in my MES 30. The ones that work best are ones that I got on sale several years ago at a local Home Goods (Palm Restaurant hickory chips). These turn to white ash and produce a nice thin blue smoke. I have yet to wet any chips that I put in there. Only tested on smoking temps @ 225F+ 


I've purchased two other brands from the local grocery store. The chips themselves look very similar to the Palm, but don't perform nearly as well. Same experience as you - the chips turn black. They do produce flavor, but not as distinct as with the Palm brand. 


Anyway, thought I'd share with you my experience. I planned on worrying more about it when I run out of the Palm chips. I'd be curious to hear of others experience with using various types of wood chips. 

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