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$5,000 (USD) or Best Offer
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For Sale:
Custom 500 gal propane tank reverse flow smoker with rib box or warming box

Will Ship To: Nowhere -- local only

I am selling my 500 gallon propane tank reverse flow smoker.  It's a beast.  The smoker is mounted on a trailer that is tandem axle built on 8" channel.  The smoker is licensed and registered with valid stickers in PA till 2017 and I have a title for it.  The trailer pulls great and doesn't have any issues.  


The Beast features:


500 gallon tank cooking area with 2 separate  access doors


- 2 22 x 34 racks on the top

- 2 31 x 34 racks in the middle

- 2 35 x 34 racks on the bottom


1/2" thick baffle that is 92" long starting from the back to the front which creates the reverse flow and helps control temp

All racks are removable and the doors have counterweights

10" x 32" smoke stack pipe

both doors have gasket with food grade rtv

bracket for a bbq guru controller

hole drilled for temp & pit probe wires


The fire Box


33 x 34 with a ash removable ash pan

bottom is lined with fire brick

5 x 37 slide damper

2 connections for pit viper fans

a charcoal box or cast iron grates can be used I have both


The Rib box or warming box


8 racks 22 x 29

2 5" vent stacks with lid covers to control flow

2 5" stacks directly from the fire box with a slide damper to control temp

temp gauge in the middle

gasket around door

the door has a handle that locks in place and a bolt on the top and on the bottom to seal the door


The Trailer


6'2 wide by 17'9 long

Wired with lights

Valid tag with registration and title

built from 8" channel

has 3 bulldog lift stand 1 in the front and 2 in the back

dual heavy duty axles (used RV axles) with breaks

break away box


I have used this monster for a year and she can do some serious cooking. 


If you have any questions please let me know. 


I am near Pittsburgh, PA