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Get to pick up my Shirley Fabrication in 2 1/2 Weeks.

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After months of waiting the time has arrived, I sent my deposit in the first week of August last year, for the March delivery of 2016, after selling my old offset RF to a local restaurant, which will help offset my cost for my new one, I am so stoked be finally getting it. Anyone else out there have a Shirley that would like to share there experience.

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Got any photo's of it?



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No I don't yet, I just texted him and asked for some, I am super stoked to be getting one of there smokers though, I don't want to bug the guy to much knowing I will be there in 2 weeks to get it.

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sorry 2 1/2 weeks

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So I get to pick up my smoker on Good Friday this week, and I finally got some pictures from Tyler, I am sure they are super busy I am really grateful he sent me some yesterday.


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I got some updated pictures today, and I can't say enough how excited I am to be getting a SF smoker, I have saved my a** off to make this

happen, it's coming along nicely I go to pick it up this Friday. Can't wait to fire it up and season it.




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Thats a helluva rig!


looks like a happy Easter for you!


Happy Smoking,

phatbac (Aaron)

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Thank you, And yes it is going to be a great Easter weekend.

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That pit is a monster!  Those Shirleys are really something...says a lot about a company when they are in such high demand that you have 7 months lead time!


Congrats man...you only days away from cooking on it!  Now don't forget to show us the qview!



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That is one super nice rig, be lots of great BBQ coming of that thing.  Congratulations



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Wow, that looks like quite the smoker! Do you cater or just prefer a large unit?
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WOW, gonna be quite a beauty Gary.  Best of luck using it.



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That is a very nice smoker icon14.gif
Should give you years of enjoyment.
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Looks like a heck of a nice rig!Thumbs Up I know exactly how you feel. I'm getting my new Arizona BBQ Outfitters rig in a little over 2 weeks. Should have it around April 10th. Getting the Scottsdale Santa Maria grill along with a 7 rack vertical smoker mounted on a trailer. I can't go to Tuscon to get it though I'd love to but can't leave the business. So I'm having it trucked from Tuscon to St. Paul Mn which is about 2 hours from where I'm at. I will drive down to get it when it arrives.

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My Shirley Patio Model  24 x 36 love the cabinet doors.:sausage:



smoker 2.jpg

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You will learn to love those cabinet doors. I have them on my smoker now. I learned with the other style lift up door with the counterweight that when you open that big door upwards it forms a sort of a vacum that pulls all the heat and smoke up with it. That's why your recovery time can be longer. With the cabinet doors you don't have that. If I open mine slowly enough it does not cause any disruption to whats going on inside the smoker. I can actually see how the smoke is traveling through the smoke chamber to the exhaust.


That looks like one quality built rig. Funny I never ran across these guys when I was researching about 6 years ago when I bought the one I have now.

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Thanks for all the replies, I just got back from picking it up and driving over to see my bother for the weekend. We got it seasoned up the first night, and started smoking on it the very next day.


This was the first night we arrived at my brother's place, he is in the middle and I am in the gray shirt, and our good friend came down with me to join the fun.

We seasoned it this night, and she held temp like dream.





This is our smoking buddy for the weekend, he's don't get no scraps but he sure did love to hang out with the guys.



Just a little breakfast burritos before we fire up the monster.



there is two pork butts, some ABT's, some beans and a little bit of mac and cheese.



Two rib eye steaks smashed together with onions on both outsides and in the middle, with seasoning and marinade on it.

We did another turkey in it with a sirloin rib roast with the smashed together rib eye, and some Georgia corn, let me tell you that there corn is nothing like our corn here in Michigan.


Overall very please with the smoker, welds are out of this world good, the craftsmanship is hands down the best I have seen. Paul and Tyler did a awesome job.

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That is one fine looking smoker. Should get years of enjoyment out of it.


Nice cook too



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That pit's a beauty!  Congrats on getting her home!  



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Great Looking pit and Meal!

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