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Corned beef smoking help

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Hello everyone! Ohio is starting to warm up (surprise) and its March so that means im going to try and smoke a corned beef for st pattys day. I have never done a corned beef before and was looking for some help. I have a MES and was looking to smoke 3-5 pounds of beef with cabbage and potato. Any info would be appreciated! Cheers! bluesbros.gif

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Are you using a store bought corned beef? If so soak it in ice water with a potato for several hours to remove the salt. Change the water every hour. Just an FYI smoked corned beef is technically called pastrami.

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I was thinking about buying a store bought one. So I soak it for a couple hours before? I could also do that the evening before right?

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Yes you could do that step the night before. The salt content is really high.

I'll be doing one this weekend from a store bought corned beef. I'll be posting my process.
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Smoke to an internal temp of 200, just like you would a butt or brisket.  Personally, I don't soak the store bought or homemade corned beefs.


Coat the corned beef with mustard and then your spices.


In a spice grinder or mortar and pestle, coarsely grind:

4 tablespoons whole black pepper (you can also use your favorite cracked black pepper, but don't grind it again)

2 tablespoons whole coriander

2 tablespoons whole mustard seed


2 tablespoons granulated or powdered garlic

2 tablespoons granulated or powdered onion


You probably won't use all of this on a single roast.  It works great on prime rib, steaks and other meats.  Great all-purpose rub.

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I have to agree with Case.


The salt content is sky high in a store bought corned beef.


The reason it is, is because they assume that you are going to cook it in water. This would remove most of the salt.


Since you are smoking it instead, you MUST soak it & remove the salt before smoking it.


It will be way too salty if you don't. (I know this from experience).


We coat ours with mustard & cracked black pepper.


As mfreel says smoke to an IT of 200-205, or until a toothpick goes in with little or no resistance.


Personally, I prefer corned beef points  instead of flats for pastrami, I think they are way more tender & juicy.



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One thing I forgot to comment on is the cabbage. I like to take the cabbage and quarter it. Slice up a couple onions add 4-6 smashed garlic cloves. Mix those together in a foil pan, add some small new potatoes. A few cups of beef broth and a tasty porter or stout. Season with salt and pepper. Place the pan under the meat while you are smoking. At 225° I'd figure that the veggies will need 3-4 hours. Sometimes I'll add sauerkraut into the mix too. Good stuff!

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Timely thread.

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I have never smoked cabbage before but I smoked 4 points this last weekend they we're store bought not sure what others pay but around me they are 1.89 right now but I also soak I let soak for 2 days changing water several times rubbed with mustard and Montreal steak seasoning cooked until 205 and they were tooth pick soft. I then let cool overnight and sliced the less fatty pieces we like to use for sandwiches and the rest I chop up and we use it for hash.
Now I have to say I love corned beef hash out of the can but if you ever make it out of home smoked corned beef you will never buy the can again
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You have received good advice here.


Smoking a corned beef will basically give you a pastrami, especially if you use the rub recipe given above.


Depending on your salt tolerance,  the water soaking steps are highly recommended.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Do you think the smaller corned beef will take less than 12 hours at 230?  Or just pretend it's the same as a brisket that hasn't been corned?

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The ones I did took 7 hrs to smoke
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