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BBQ Sauce #1 - Wine Cola Sweetness

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After posting both #2 Rum Sweet Heat and #3 Bourbon Orange, I was recently asked where #1 was :icon_wink:


Well, I haven't made this one in quite some time as the family really got to liking the other 2 better, but since John asked, here it is.


BTW: the red wine needs to be a really full bodied one, ergo the Cabernet or Malbec.  

Pinot's or Merlot's are not the best substitutes. JMTC :icon_biggrin:


Updated recipe 3/21/17



BBQ Sauce #1 - Wine Cola Sweetness

Recipe By: Matt S

2/3 cup red wine - dry, Cabernet or Malbec
2/3 cup cola, Coke - not diet
2/3 cup ketchup
1/2 cup molasses
3 1/2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
2 1/2 tablespoons A-1® Steak Sauce
- - -
1/4 cup brown sugar
3 pinches ground pepper
1/4 tsp garlic powder, or 2 cloves diced fine
1 1/2 tsp onion powder, or 1 med onion diced fine
2 pinches salt


1. If using fresh, Sauté 1/2 cup chopped onion in 3-Tbs of olive oil until translucent then add the garlic & continue for one minute.

2. Add the ingredients to a sauce pan and bring to a boil for two minutes. Watch it carefully - because the sugars can easily boil over the top!

3. Turn heat way down and let it barely simmer for 1/2 hour. 

4. Let sit to cool.


1 small onion = 1/3 cup chopped = 1 tsp powder
1 clove garlic = 1/8 tsp powder = 1 tsp minced

- substitute white pepper for black to lower the heat content OR
- substitute 1 tsp dry mustard for black pepper 

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Sounds like a great recipe!


It also seems like it would be a pretty thin sauce. Am I wrong?



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Hi Al,


I haven't had thin results from this or the other two recipes.  The 2 min boil and a 30 min simmer usually yield a thick result once cooled.

You can always simmer an additional 10 min to make it thicker.



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Updated recipe :icon_smile:

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