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Burnt ends quandry

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So, for whatever reason I've been craving burnt ends lately. Okay, the reason is barbecue is amazing, and burnt ends are barbecue, therefore burnt ends are amazing. I kinda got this odd idea after watching some cooking show, but I can't remember for sure because I watch so many different shows. On said show, the restaurant they were at took their brisket raw, sliced it into what I'd say were 2 to 3 inch wide "slabs", did their brine/marinade/seasoning/whatnot, and then cooked them.


So this got me to thinking about using this technique of slabbing out a brisket to expose more surface area to rub/smoke, cook as normal, cube/reseason, and throw back in for more smokey goodness.


Thoughts, opinions, first hand experiences? Surely I'm not the first to stumble upon this.

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I don't know why that wouldn't work. Cutting up a brisket would just shorten the cook time.


However burnt ends are made from the point.


So you would want to keep the point separate for the burnt ends.




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The same is done with pork "burnt ends". People will use country style ribs (the ones cut from a pork butt) and cook them that way and then cube them and glaze them like burnt ends.


As SmokinAl said, make you you do this from the point only.

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