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Smoked sausage question..hope it not a crazy one

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Hey guys quick question and I hope it's not a crazy one.

I make fresh breakfast sausage all the time with pops recipe. My question is I want to make some smoked sausage but do you use a breakfast sausage seasoning and just add cure #1 to it and smoke?

Or is it a specific recepie other than a breakfast sausage seasoning that is normally used.

Once again sorry if this is a crazy question

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Depends on what type of sausage you want. If you want smoked breakfast sausage add curethen smoke it. If you want brats, or hot links, or linguica, etc, you will need to research the recipes to get the correct spices.
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As far as your question, Yes you can add cure #1 at a rate of 1 level teaspoon per 5 pounds, no more/no less, of Pops Mix, Cool Smoke it over a range of temps and get a kind of Smoked Country Sausage...BUT...There are a huge variety of Smoked Sausage, both Hot smoked, anything like Pops' Breakfast, Italian, Brats which have no Cure #1 and must be smoked at 225°F+ and the Cool Smoked, 120 to 170°F that use Cure #1. Things like Kielbasa, Andouille, Summer Sausage, Snack Sticks, Smoked Country Sausage and of course Hot Dogs, are just a few of the most common in the US that use Cure #1. Since Cure #1 can make you sick, both using too little or too much, you need to learn how it is used and why. You need to learn what Temps to smoke at and why. I would suggest going to the Sausage Forum and start reading. There are a ton of Recipes and stuff to learn about grinding, casing, stuffing and smoking. We are here to help. Do your part to learn the Basics and then we can guide you through anything you wish to try. Just a caution...There are lots of internet recipes that are just plain bad and should not be used. Everything here has been reviewed by very experienced folks and can be counted on to be tasty and safe to feed your family. Now the fun begins, a daunting task but we all been down the path...Thumbs Up...JJ

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Thanks guys.

Jimmy thanks for the feedback. I got cure #1 pretty understood since I been making bacon and Jerky for several years. Just didn't know about it from a sausage perspective lol.I guess I'm so used to the family considering smoked sausage being different than kielbas, andouille, snack sticks.

I'll give it a shot with pops recipe. I'll post pics of the end result.

Thanks for the helpful info.
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